The American Association of Suicidology (AAS) is a world-leader in the development, implementation, and facilitation of accreditation, certification, and training programs. Our programs are evidenced-based and best practices to uphold standards of care for those impacted by suicide.

We provide accreditation, certification, and training opportunities for organizations and individuals.

List of Accredited Crisis Centers


Crisis Centers

Trainings & Certifications

Psychological Autopsy Certification

Crisis Specialist Course: Training and/or Certification

School Suicide Prevention Specialist Certification

College & University Suicide Prevention Specialist Certification

Recognizing and Responding to Suicide Risk (RRSR)

RRSR: Essential Skills for Clinicians

RRSR: Essential Skills in Primary Care

RRSR in Primary Care Providers of Youth and Young Adults

RRSR for Correctional Facility Clinicians

RRSR in College/University

RRSR in the Emergency Department

On-Demand Webinars

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Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. How do I schedule a training for myself or my organization? 
  • Complete our Training Request form here 
  • Our Training Manager will follow up with you within 14 business days of the request being received. 
  1. Where can I find my Crisis Specialist Certification after passing the exam? 
  • Log into your AAS account. Click on “Quick Links” on the top menu. Click on “classroom”. Click “submit”. Click on “My Certificates”.  
  1. How do I view a webinar that I purchased? 
  • After purchasing a webinar, you will receive an email from American Association of Suicidology with the subject “Your downloadable items are ready”. Open the email and click “Download Now” to access the webinar.  
  1. When is the next Psychological Autopsy Investigator training? 
  • You can find future training dates here
  1. When is the next Recognizing and Responding to Suicide Risk: Essentials for Clinicians training? 
  • You can find future training dates here
  1. I completed a training but didn’t receive my certificate with CE information. How can I receive it? 
  • As of May 2022 all new Crisis Specialist Certifications can be found in your AAS account in the classroom.  
  • All other certificates – please email with your name, training completed, date completed, and organization you need CE’s for. 
  1. How do I access the Crisis Specialist training I purchased? 
  • Open the email you received from AAS that says “Thank you for your order”. Scroll down to the Important Note. Read and follow the instructions in the important note closely. Once you register, and your email account is verified, you should be able to access your classroom with your AAS account log in credentials. 
  1. How do I access the School or College/University Suicide Prevention Specialist training I purchased? 
  • Complete an application here for School Suicide Prevention Specialist if you didn’t already apply.  
  • Complete an application here for College/University Suicide Prevention Specialist if you didn’t already apply.  
  • If you already applied and received approval, email with your receipt and ask for the study materials.