The Task Force was established in 2012 to focus attention on providing—in communities throughout the nation—effective support to the suicide bereaved and others exposed to suicide who may need help recovering from grief, trauma, or other distress. Its members include national experts in the field of suicide bereavement, survivors of suicide loss, clinicians, and other key stakeholders engaged in suicide response or postvention efforts. The task force created The National Guidelines as a call to action for everyone engaged in suicide prevention to strengthen and expand their response to every fatality in order to both reduce the risk of suicide and meet the needs of the bereaved and of others who suffer from the range of negative effects related to exposure to a suicide.

This task force recently transitioned from being located on the website for the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention where it and the National Guidelines originated.

National Guidelines: Responding to Grief, Trauma, and Distress After a Suicide