32nd Annual Healing After Suicide Loss Conference

Visit the Conference Page for Recordings of the Virtual Conference.

Workshop Series

An ongoing workshop series is being presented through the month of June. The page on the conference site also includes links for these and information regarding registering to view these live.

June 1
The Doctor is In – Trudy Adam, Don Belau

June 3
Mindfulness: A Tool For Helping Loss Survivors Find a Path to Peace – Kristen Spexarth

June 5
Embodied Grief: A Mind/Body Wellness Approach to Restoring Resilience After Suicide Loss – Christine Linnehan

June 10
Supporting Your Child or Teen After a Suicide Death In the Family – Joan Schweizer Hoff, and Brandon English

June 12
Cultural Variations in Grief – Pata Suyemoto, Nina Enriquez, Donna Barnes, Lena Heilmann and Sade Heart of the Hawk Ali

June 15
Courageous Healing Within Community

June 17
Turning Pain Into Purpose: Survivor Journeys

June 19
Making Art – Finding Hope