Individual Certification

It is important to upgrade crisis worker skills to improve both confidence and competence in working with people in crisis and, most of all, those at-risk of suicide.

Crisis center training programs are often strongest in their emphasis on building listening and communication skills. That said, recent research has shown that these skill-sets, trained to but not always fully incorporated, are too-often not maintained once staff and/or volunteers engage actual crisis work. Moreover, the very potential for suicidal behavior by a caller is an extremely anxiety-provoking and inhibiting threat to effective crisis work. Questions that should be asked and information that should be sought in order to adequately evaluate whether a caller maybe suicidal simply are not in evidence.

The training program AAS offers is designed to provide a standardized set of understandings and opportunities to practice both basic crisis worker skills and more advanced skills that, we believe, will help crisis workers be the best they can be. With this training and reading the backup bibliographic resources, they should be well prepared to successfully pass the AA’s individual crisis worker certification exam.

Crisis worker workshops for groups are available upon requests but costs for sessions will be negotiated.

If you or your group are experienced crisis worker(s), taking the crisis worker certification webinar (available through the AAS store) will help you prepare for the online exam without further workshops. Please review that application manual.

For more information contact:
Chris Sandwell, MS, LPC, NCC, CCTP
Manager of Crisis Services Accreditation & Certification

Crisis Worker Certification Training Webinar
Individual Certification Manual [PDF]
Application for Re-Certification as Crisis Worker [PDF]
Application for Crisis Worker Exam Proctors [PDF]