The Psychological Autopsy has been described as one of the most valuable tools of research on completed suicides. This one-day psychological autopsy training has been designed specifically for law enforcement in order to assist personnel tasked with investigating police officer suicides as well as suicides involving community members.

This course and tool is also valuable to other law enforcement personnel that are involved in suicide incidents and assisting people in crisis including supervisors, peer support officers, employee assistance program personnel, psychological counseling staff, and agency chaplains.

This training is open only to law enforcement personnel and those who work directly with law enforcement in regard to investigating suicides, assisting people in crisis, working in law enforcement suicide prevention efforts, and other related areas. This training is also open to civilians who do relevant and similar work. 

Learning Objectives:

At the end of this presentation, participants will be able to:

  • Have a deeper understanding of suicide risk factors, warning signs, and differentiate myths from the truth regarding the suicidal mind.
  • Understand the LE-PA protocol and how it is designed to answer the following four questions: Why suicide? Why by those means? Why that day? Why didn’t the protective factors counter the suicidal thoughts (and action)?
  • Use the LE-PA protocol

Training Dates:

Please visit this page for updates on future trainings. You may also email to be placed on the contact list to receive information when the next training is scheduled.

Group Training:

If your organization or group of organizations would like to arrange a training session at your location; please contact Jennifer Tinch, to discuss potential dates and costs.

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