Recognizing and Responding to Suicide Risk: Essential Skills for Clinicians


Please contact Sara Lycett at the AAS Central Office for details on a potential training in your area.


Organizations or groups of smaller agencies can schedule workshops at their own locations with AAS trainers. The organizational pricing model assumes that the host handles its own registration, provides meeting space, audio-visual equipment, and refreshments for the training.

These fees are current as of January 2019 and are subject to change:

  • Training Service Fee: $1,500 per event (covers program costs)
  • Participant Fee: $90 per person (covers manuals, online components prior to the in-person workshop)
  • Shipping: Actual rates apply
  • Trainer Fee: $3,500
  • Trainer’s Travel and Lodging: Actual rates apply
  • Indirect Fee: 23% (covers invoicing, AAS insurance, rent, etc.)

*Please note:
Maximum allowable group size for each training is 50 participants
No additional fees for CE credits


If your organization plans to host more than two trainings (80 people), it becomes more cost-effective, roughly 50% per training, to identify local staff with the requisite clinical experience and training skills to be trained by AAS to deliver the RRSR themselves. Contact Sara Lycett for details.


An organization can work with AAS on a training or series of trainings as a partner. The local partner receives a discount for participants, manuals customized with its name on the cover, and/or other arrangements that can be negotiated. In return, the local partner is responsible for marketing of the workshop and other responsibilities as negotiated.