Individual Membership

AAS individual membership supports your growth and understanding of suicidology while contributing to the development and dissemination of suicide prevention to promote public awareness and supports those who have been impacted by it. 

Membership Type and Annual Dues

Community Member: Basic Level*$49/year
Associate Member: Practitioner Level $99/year
Professional I: Early-Career, Master Level $179/year
Professional II: Career Suicidologist, Doctoral Level $209/year

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Organizational Membership

Organizational membership allows a company to sponsor AAS membership for multiple employees. Every enrolled member organization’s employee receives membership benefits.
Why should your organization enroll its’ employees in AAS? 

  • AAS membership is an employment benefit that will help you hire and keep the best employees a real competitive edge for your company. 
  • By joining AAS at the corporate level, your clients will recognize your company’s commitment to suicide prevention and ethical best practices and will trust that your employees will provide them with the best response and service available.  
  • Your employee will recognize your commitment to their professional growth and will remain loyal and engaged. 
  • Employees will benefit from maximum value and convenience in everything AAS has to offer 

Membership Type and Annual Dues 

AAS Organizational Membership dues are based on annual revenue in $USD 

<$100,000 $220/year
$100,000 – $199,999 $270/year 
$200,000 – $499,999 $390/year
$500,000 – $749,999 $530/year
$750,000 – $999,999 $650/year 
$1,000,000+ $800/year 

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Questions about membership?