The American Association of Suicidology (AAS) recognizes the powerful impact that community brings to those impacted by suicide. Our annual Healing After Suicide Loss Summit (HASLS) is an event centered around suicide loss survivors and their post-loss growth and healing. HASLS is an intricately woven collaboration of loss survivors and those dedicated to supporting them.

The Summit brings together the voices of those within suicidology to bring forth an event with purpose that positively impacts attendees. Leaders, speakers, caregivers, supporters, support group facilitators, mental health professionals and loss survivors meet in one place, for one day to focus on the work of healing. This day affords us the ability to build upon and strengthen the loss survivor community through impactful speakers, interactive introspective exercises and programs tailored to bring forth hope, healing, and support. The goal being to have an impactful and purposeful event where attendees can leave with tools that will assist them on their individual journeys. Our goal being that through this event and its attendees, the momentum of healing can continue to grow and expand.