The American Association of Suicidology (AAS) provides comprehensive resources to help navigate your journey with suicide and mental health. AAS also offers a national directory of support groups that focus on a variety of survivors of suicide.

AAS Research Program

The American Association of Suicidology research program focuses on advancing the understanding of suicide and suicide prevention through the promotion of scientific research and the dissemination of evidence-supported information. The AAS Research Program has several key objectives, including:

  • Supporting and promoting scientific research on suicide, suicidality, and life-threatening behavior
  • Disseminating information on suicide prevention and intervention strategies to researchers, academics, and the general public
  • Developing and implementing research-supported policies and programs to prevent suicide
  • Providing training and resources to researchers, clinicians, and other professionals in the field of suicidology
  • Advocating for increased funding and support for suicide prevention research

AAS Accredited Crisis Centers

The American Association of Suicidology has accredited crisis service organizations for nearly 50 years in the United States and internationally. The Accreditation process strives to recognize exemplary crisis service organizations, online emotional support programs, mobile crisis services, and other services supporting individuals in crisis. Achieving accreditation defines an organization’s standard of practice, through the review of several areas including but not limited to administration and organizational structure, service delivery, and services in life threatening crises. Crisis Centers that comprise the National 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline often engage with AAS for Accreditation recognition, closely connecting AAS Accreditation services to a critical and growing national support network.

AAS Trainings and Certifications

The American Association of Suicidology is a world-leader in the development, implementation, and facilitation of research supported training and certification programs. Courses are evidence-supported to uphold the highest standards of care and equity for those impacted by suicide. Dynamic curricula developed by leading researchers offer an array of advanced clinical training for professionals and introductory-level courses for a variety of sectors and disciplines.

AAS Annual Conference

The American Association of Suicidology’s Annual Conference, held each spring, is the largest gathering of the Suicidology community; including clinicians, researchers, attempt survivors, crisis service professionals, public health and government officials and more. With more than 1,500 attendees (both virtual and in-person), the AAS Conference features virtual session co-hosts, live keynote addresses, poster presentations, hundreds of workshops and panel sessions, an Annual Membership Meeting, award ceremony, multiple networking opportunities, and an exhibit hall that features industry leaders, academic and training programs, resources, and community advocates.

Healing After Suicide Loss Summit

The Healing After Suicide Loss Summit is a time for suicide loss survivors to come together as a community for learning, sharing and remembering those our loved ones. Our hope is to offer our community of loss survivors an opportunity to come together for a day of hope, healing, and support.

Leaders in the field of suicidology have recognized the complicated grief that can occur following the suicide for loved ones. Death by suicide can bring feelings of profound sadness, confusion, anger, frustration, shame, guilt, regret and a host of other emotions for loss survivors. Our summit offers the opportunity to learn new ways to navigate your loss, connect with fellow loss survivors, and sharing what has or has not helped one in their loss journey.

The National Center for the Prevention of Youth Suicide

The National Center for the Prevention of Youth Suicide (NCPYS) is a division of AAS, which offers services and programs for and by youth. NCPYS includes a Youth Advisory Board who provide input on projects aimed at reducing the number of deaths by suicide and incidences of suicidal behavior amongst their youth peers.

Suicide and Life-Threatening Behavior Journal (SLTB)

The AAS Suicide and Life-Threatening Behavior Journal provides the latest research, theories, and intervention methods for suicide and life-threatening behaviors, including research from biological, psychological, and sociological approaches.


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