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Working in a Crisis Service setting? Consider AAS Accreditation!

AAS Accreditation offers practical rewards. Besides humanistic value of assuring nationally recognized standards of service for persons in crisis, there are other advantages:

  • AAS accreditation validates service delivery programs that are performing according to nationally recognized standards
  • AAS accreditation examiners offer consultation tailored to the needs of an individual program, its staff and board
  • The increased visibility and credibility of an AAS-accredited program provide opportunities for modeling of program excellence to other agencies and professionals
  • AAS accreditation provides a morale boost for staff working in the field of crisis intervention
  • AAS-accredited programs have additional credibility with funding agencies and insurance companies
  • Programs seeking AAS accreditation have access to criteria for systematic, ongoing self-evaluation
  • People in life-threatening and other crises who obtain service from AAS-accredited programs are assured that staff has seriously examined their commitment to provide service according to recognized standards

Accreditation Policies & Procedures

Is your organization a member of AAS?

Is your organization current on organizational dues?

We provide member benefits to the employees of your organization, crisis center, or coalition. Employees are welcome to register under the organizational name for membership discounts in training, conferences, and products. Volunteers may also be included in the organizational membership, but must submit a sponsorship letter from the organization.

For more information: Organization Membership Benefits

**Organizational memberships are required to become an AAS Accredited Crisis Center.

For more information contact:
Allie Rogge
Manager of Accreditation