The American Association of Suicidology makes available a summary of national suicide statistics as soon as they become available from the National Center for Health Statistics. The most current statistics are from the year 2017. All documents below are in PDF format. (Updated December 2018)

[DOWNLOAD PDF FACTSHEET NOW] – 2017 Data – Rates, numbers, and Rankings of Each State



2017 Male/Female Statistics
2017 Age-Specific Statistics
2017 Regional Statistics
Number of Suicides, USA Divisions, 1990 – 2017
Regional Suicide Data, 1990 – 2017
Annual Numbers of Suicides in States, 1990 – 2017
Annual Ranking of States by Crude Suicide Rate, 1990 – 2017
Annual Crude Suicide Rates in States, 1990 – 2017
USA State Suicide: All Suicides vs. Firearm Suicides, 2017