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The American Association of Suicidology recognizes those within the community who Make An Impact each and every day. AAS is accepting nominations for the awards listed below to be presented at the Robert I. Yufit Family Awards Presentation during the 57th Annual Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada on May 5 – 10, 2024. To learn more about AAS24, visit


1. Review the award criteria for each award prior to submitting a nomination.

2. Use the electronic award submission form to submit your nomination.

3. Submissions/Nominations must be in an MS Word file no more than two (2) pages in length, 12-point font Times Roman or Arial with one (1) inch margins (except for the MORTON M. SILVERMAN STUDENT AWARD)

4. A photo of the person/place being nominated must be submitted to be used during the presentation and must be a clear picture without distractions or unprofessional language, signage, gestures or verbiage.

5. No pictures can be included in the MS Word document but up to three (3) may be included as additional supporting documentation.

6. The nomination must include the “story” as to why this award should be presented to the nominee.

7. Up to two (2) additional letters of award, reference or proclamations by a government agency or organization may be included as supporting documents.

8. Contact information must be provided in full for the Submitter and the Nominee.

9. The Nominee can be a self-nomination.

Award winners will be notified via email by April 3rd and must confirm if they will be present to accept their award at the AAS24 conference by April 5th. Travel accommodations are provided to winners with full details included in notification.

NOMINATION DEADLINE: February 28, 2024 at 5pm EST 

NOTE: Current AAS Board Members are not eligible to receive awards during their tenure.

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Crisis Services Award
Nominations may come from anyone including the Crisis Call Center itself, an AAS member, or from someone who knows of or benefited from the program. Eligible nominees for the following are AAS organizational members in crisis services. Winners will be determined based on the demonstrated quality and effectiveness of their service, their ability to infuse core values of suicide prevention and mental wellness into their practices, community impact, and resilience in addressing the most challenging community behavioral health needs.

Edwin S. Shneidman Award
Eligible nominees for the Edwin S. Shneidman Award must be a person under forty years of age or a person who is not more than ten years past their highest degree earned. The eligible nominee is a person who has made outstanding contributions in research in the field of suicidology.

Loss Survivor Award
The Loss Survivor Award has been given since 1995 to acknowledge ways in which survivors of suicide transform the trauma of their loss into suicide prevention efforts and/or survivor support. It is intended to recognize significant accomplishments of an individual involved with suicide prevention, intervention and/or postvention advocacy/activism that embodies the mission of AAS.

Morton M. Silverman Student Award
Eligible nominees for the Morton M. Silverman Student Award for a paper written by a student on a topic directly related to the field of suicidology. Anyone who is pursuing a degree in her/his/their field and is currently enrolled as a full-time undergraduate, graduate, professional, or medical student or trainee is eligible. Specific Entry Criteria: Submission must be double-spaced, APA format with 100-150 word abstract, references, tables and figures, etc. on separate pages.

Roger J. Tierney Service Award
The Roger J. Tierney Service Award recognizes time and effort given to advance the association’s principles, growth, and development, and/or for applied contributions to the fields of suicidology and crisis intervention. The award is to recognize broadly defined service contributions that are to be distinguished from academic or research endeavors.

Transforming Lived Experience Award
The Transforming Lived Experience Award acknowledges a person who has survived his or her own suicidal experiences and transformed their pain into suicide prevention and recovery efforts. It is intended to recognize significant accomplishments in suicide prevention, intervention, advocacy, and/or recovery that embody the mission of AAS.

Louis I. Dublin Award
The Louis I. Dublin Award is a lifetime achievement award for outstanding services/contributions to the field of suicide prevention as evidenced by leadership, devotion, and creativity.