While each of our members’ stories are unique, as a community they represent a single vision: striving to understand and prevent suicide, while bringing hope and healing to those impacted by suicide.  

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For over 50 years, AAS has led the charge in efforts to understand, analyze and prevent suicide and suicidal behavior through engaging in several aspects of suicidology. The purpose behind the mission is to help make that vision a reality.  
Our Membership program is a core service; AAS manages the largest community of suicide and crisis professionals, advocates, suicide loss, attempt survivors and people with lived experience of suicide. A membership with AAS offers a range of benefits including professional training and certification; access to discounts and our premier scientific journal. Best of all, as an AAS member, you are never on your own. Instead, you are able to network and connect with fellow members who share similar experiences, education, goals and challenges, and who believe in advancing suicidology.  

By joining the AAS, the largest and oldest suicide prevention membership organization in the U.S., you will be among the ranks of the world’s leading suicidologists and suicide prevention experts. 
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