Donate for a chance to win RARE Pokémon cards pulled by MYSTIC7!

What a year! In the midst of global uncertainty, we’ve been fortunate enough to grow our community on YouTube to 2 MILLION and on Twitch to 100,000!

Both channels have become a place to escape the world and enjoy some good vibes and Pokémon, in-game and in the packs. To celebrate that, I’ve partnered up with AAS to raise funds to help both our incredible community along with as many others as possible!

On YouTube, we’ll be hosting a stream on Saturday, December 5th opening 1 booster box of XY Evolutions and 1 booster box of Vivid Voltage. All rare cards pulled will be given away to YOU! On Sunday, December 6th, we’ll be hosting a live-stream on Twitch opening 100 packs of Champions Path to celebrate 100,000 followers. Like with the YouTube stream, YOU will be able to win any rare cards pulled! To enter, donate any amount over $10.

Mental health is a huge focus of the channel and I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate these massive milestones. Appreciate the support everyone!”

What You Win: Randomly chosen winners will receive a rare card pulled during one of MYSTIC7’s live streams from the sets XY Evolutions, Champion’s Path, and Vivid Voltage!

How You Enter: Make a donation to the AAS *spotfund page, supporting our work for the prevention of suicides and receive entries into the draw.