Autism Resources

Autism is a lifelong neurodevelopmental condition that causes significant social, communication and behavioral challenges. Suicide is a leading cause of death in autistic people. Autistic people have significantly higher rates of suicidal thoughts, suicidal behaviors, and deaths by suicide than the general public.

Research on Risk Factors

There are unique risk factors of suicidal thoughts and behaviors for autistic people such as:

Masking / Camouflaging

Number of unmet needs

Late diagnosis of autism


Autistic burnout

Thwarted belonging


The AAS Autism and Suicide committee has developed autism-specific resources to aid in supporting autistic people in crisis.

Crisis Supports for the Autism Community – a toolkit to help crisis center workers and other professionals in identifying and communicating with autistic callers/texters who are in crisis

Warning Signs of Suicide: Considerations for the Autism Community – considerations to be aware of when assessing or supporting an autistic person using the warning signs for the general public

Warning Signs of Suicide for Autistic People –  An autism-specific resource based on research findings and expert consensus

Additional Resources