In 2014, AAS took the historic step of approving a membership division for people who have been suicidal and their supporters. Our goal is to make sure people who’ve been suicidal are central to research, policy-making, public messaging, treatment and support. We’re colleagues and friends.

As we become more open and confident in discussing suicidal thinking, the resources for us grow. We are encouraging and supporting people who want to step forward to share their stories and their hope.

Recommended Videos

“The S Word:” A documentary film featuring division members and attempt survivors, by an Academy Award Winning Team
* Special Blog written by director, Lisa Klein

“Can You Hear Me Now? New voices of attempt survivors:” A panel at the AAS conference in 2014, featuring division members Dese’Rae Stage, Samatha Nadler, Misha Kessler and Craig Miller.

Now Matters Now: A skills training program for people who’ve been suicidal.

TED Talks by attempt survivors:
JD Schramm
Kevin Breel

A Journey Toward Health and Hope: Your Handbook for Recovery After a Suicide Attempt

This handbook guides people through the first steps toward recovery and a hopeful future after a suicide attempt. Includes personal stories from survivors who share their experiences as well as strategies, such as re-establishing connections and finding a counselor to work with.

Download the handbook [PDF]

National initiatives, here and abroad

The Paul G. Quinnett Lived Experience Writing Contest is a first-of-its-kind opportunity for survivors of suicide attempts and suicidal ideation to share their stories of hope, healing, recovery, and survival.

The Way Forward: This 2014 report, with video, by the Suicide Attempt Task Force of the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention has groundbreaking recommendations for supporting anyone who’s been suicidal. The primary writer was our division director, Dr. DeQuincy Lezine.

Now Matters Now: An initiative helping those currently experiencing thoughts of suicide and providing skills to cope, maintain, and build resilience.

Engaging People with Lived Experience: A Toolkit for Organizations (SPRC): This toolkit has been developed to assist organizations and agencies leading suicide prevention programs in their communities with recruiting and engaging individuals with lived experience. It may also be useful for other organizations and agencies working in suicide prevention and care. 

Resources for Developing a Presentation

Best Practices for Presentations by Suicide Loss and Suicide Attempt Survivors [PDF]

Mejores prácticas para presentaciones de sobrevivientes de muertes por suicidio y sobrevivientes de intentos de suicidio [PDF]

Suicide Attempt Survivor Support Groups

You can view our searchable directory here.

Manual for Support Groups for Suicide Attempt Survivors: This detailed guide by Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services in Los Angeles has been listed in the Suicide Prevention Resource Center’s best practice registry.

Supports for families and friends

A Guide for Taking Care of Your Family Member After Treatment in the Emergency Department

After an Attempt: A Guide for Taking Care of Your Family Member After Treatment in the Emergency Department

How to Talk to a Child about a Suicide Attempt in your Family

Attempt survivors in the media

AAS has extensive experience working as partners with media professionals. For press inquiries, please contact Chris Maxwell, Director of Public Relations and Media.

Examples of the Attempt Survivor/Lived Experience Division members and subject matter experts in the media:

O Magazine (2018): Inside America’s Suicide Crisis
Featuring several AAS ASLE Division Members

Dese’Rae L. Stage on CNN Town Hall with Anderson Cooper (2018)

Mad In America (2018): Hegemonic Sanity and Suicide

CBS This Morning (2018): “It’s OK to not be OK”: Suicide attempt survivors offer insight and advice

Today Show (2018): OurDataHelps tries to prevent suicide with social media data

Chicago Tribune (2018): Step-by-step safety plans, follow-ups can help prevent repeat suicide attempts

CNN Op-Ed (2018): Talking and sharing are key to suicide prevention

NBC Philadelphia (2017): Preventing Suicide: Breaking the Silence Digital Documentary
Several AAS ASLE members are featured

Dese’Rae L. Stage Talks Suicide Prevention with Glenn Beck (2014)

The New York Times: Suicide Prevention Shed a Taboo: Talking About Attempts

The New York Times: A Suicide Therapist’s Secret Past

NPR: Suicide Attempt Survivors Seek A Voice In Helping Others At Risk

Huffington Post: Helping the Suicidal Person: A Conversation with Stacey Freedenthal

The Boston Globe: Suicide-attempt survivors go public in hope of aiding many at risk

Personal Stories

Live Through This: A national series of portraits of attempt survivors, by division member Dese’Rae Stage.