On this page you will find a growing list of resources for students, school mental health professionals, teachers, and administration on how to address suicide in schools. We are always adding more resources and are currently updating our list of school prevention policies. If you are aware of additional resources you’d like to see included, email info@suicidology.org.

When it comes to saving lives, parents and school staff are allies, not enemies. Tips for parents interested in school-based suicide prevention:

  • The first step in prevention is to know which kids might be at risk. Universal screening has been shown to be effective in identifying youth at risk for suicide. Youth who are identified at risk for suicide are more likely to get the help they need. Universal prevention is a complicated and involved process, but if administrators know that parents support screening, they are more likely to plan for it.  Rally your friends to support universal screening.
  • The Signs of Suicide (SOS) program includes education and awareness and has a screening program. SOS has been shown to reduce suicidal ideation in middle school students and suicide attempts in high school students. If your administrators do not know where to begin, suggest SOS. 
  • Ask your school to set up a community meeting to talk about their suicide prevention policies and protocols. Ask them to talk through what school staff members do when a student is in a suicidal crisis, or after a student’s suicide death. Ask the school how they will engage the parent during a crisis. 

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